COVID-19 & Hinton bedrooms


Your safety is our priority.

Due to the sudden and unexpected rise in coronavirus cases ourselves like other businesses have had to stop installs immediately until the government decide the time is right and the spread has stopped.

Please still keep in contact.

Although our presence is not felt in your homes, we are still more than happy to carry out site surveys via facetime or just through you sending some pictures and ideas to our email address. All you need is a tape measure and an idea and we can put together drawings and costings without having to come to your property. Just to give you a good idea of where you stand when some normality resumes. 

Getting back to normal.

Upon the governments announcement that the restrictions are being eased (whenever this may be) we will make sure we abide by social distancing rules and comply with whatever requests you may have for us. We will wear masks and gloves and are more than happy to lock ourselves away in a ventilated bedroom for a few days. As our business is small it makes the rules easier to stick to knowing we haven't got lots of employees out on various sites. 

Plan now for the future.

As I mentioned before, we can generate quotes without making site visits so if all this time at home has made you realise you'd quite like a bedroom revamp there's never been a better time to give us a call or email! We are a small business and are missing the customer interaction so any questions about projects no matter how big or small will be welcomed with open arms and we can't wait to see you again in the near future!

New procedures we're putting in place.

Site Visits

Upon enquiry if you require a fitted wardrobe or home office I will need to take measurements of the area required to fill. I'll wear a mask to cover my mouth & gloves and will be in your property no longer than 15 minutes. Using a laser measure I can get everything I need during that period and we can continue talking about your needs via email or telephone.

Freestanding Units

If you're after a freestanding desk, bedside table, wardrobe, dresser, or anything else we are happy to build in our workshop to your measurements and deliver the furniture to your front door. If required we are happy to enter your property whilst wearing the required PPE, we'll ask you to open all doors leading to the area the furniture needs to be placed to stop any surfaces being touched.

Fitted furniture installation

We will liaise with you about the correct procedures to follow for the layout of your property. It will only ever be two people in your home and only the same two. At this current time we'll ask for the bedroom or office to be as clear as possible to allow us to bring in all of our equipment and stop the need of regularly heading out to the van.


On occassions where the job requires two fitters we will always make sure the correct PPE is worn, we have windows open and hand sanitiser with us at all times. We are a sociable pair but are more than happy to shut ourselves away and get on with our work in order to make everybody feel safe!